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Texas Legislative Briefing

Please join us on January 24th at our Texas First Legislative Briefing at the Capitol, 10:00am – 5:00pm with experts from Texas and across the country discussing ways to improve security and confidence in our elections.


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In support of Election Security, Senator Bob Hall is proposing a new system of voting that provides accuracy, transparency, and accountability

  • Where each ballot counted can be attributed to only a single properly registered person;
  • Where each such properly registered person only gets to vote one ballot;
  • Where all and only legally cast ballots are tabulated as the voter intended.

The current Texas election system and election code cannot guarantee that the above statements are true for Texas elections. The Secretary of State, via public information request responses, cannot verify that those statements are true for Texas elections.

The proposed system seeks to minimize the opportunities for election mismanagement and manipulation…

  • move to hand-marked, sequentially numbered ballots pre-printed on counterfeit-resistant paper
  • move to secure locked paper poll books
  • move to smaller more decentralized precinct “neighborhood” level voting to move the control of the elections from the corporations TO the citizens (no county-wide centers)
  • tabulate ballots with secure/tamper resistant counter and hand counts by the local citizens
  • make the system transparent to the citizens so every citizen can see and verify accuracy
  • verify results with robust audits and reconciliation procedures
  • eliminate the gap between election day and early voting
  • limit mail-in voting to only those who legitimately need it
  • clean up and secure our voter rolls, (only qualified and eligible citizens on our rolls)
  • withdraw from ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) voter roll information system

For more information about the Election Security Legislative Briefing, go to TexasFirst.org.

The Guardian of Prayer Rally will be held as an adjunct to the Briefing. It begins at 2:00pm on the South Capitol steps with prayer, music, and speakers, featuring internationally acclaimed investigative journalist, Lara Logan, and the famous trumpet playing band of brothers, The Brunson Brothers!


Jan 24 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Texas State Capital
1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701
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